Tap Water RO Membrane

Waterfiltech Reverse Osmosis (RO) elements offer the highest quality water for small  commercial systems purifying less than one gallon per minute (0.2 m3/d) of RO water.
Our membranes are available in a variety of sizes to meet a wide range of space requirements.
Waterfiltech extra low energy elements operate at the lowest pressure in the industry, resulting in lower energy costs and enabling system builders to use lower cost components.
In addition to the highest quality water and the lowest energy costs, our membranes also deliver savings by providing the industry’s longest lasting and most reliable performance.

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Operation Limit and Conditions

Max Working Pressure 600psi(4.14Mpa)
Max Feedwater Flow 75gpm(17m³/h)(8040)
Max Inflow Temperature 45℃
Max Inflow SDI15 5
Residual Chlorine Concentration of Feedwater <0.1ppm
PH Range of Feedwater During Continuous Operation 3-10
PH Range of Feedwater During Chemical Cleaning 2-12
Max Pressure Drop of Single Membrance element 15psi(0.1Mpa)

Testing Conditions

Testing Pressure 225psi(1.55Mpa)
Temperature of Testing Solution 25℃
Concentration of Testing Solution(NaCI) 2000ppm
PH Value of Testing Solution 7.5
Recovery Rate of Single Membrane Element 15%


Proper start-up of reverse osmosis water treatment systems is essential to prepare the membranes for operating service and to prevent membrane damage due to overfeeding or hydraulic shock. Following the proper start-up sequence also helps ensure that system operating parameters conform to design specifications so that system water quality and productivity goals can be achieved.

Before initiating system start-up procedures, membrane pretreatment, loading of the membrane elements, instrument calibration and other system checks should be completed.

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