Food Grade RO Membranes

Waterfiltec reverse osmosis (RO) membrane elements contain sanitary, high-rejection that has been successfully used to process a wide range of food,beverage, and dairy streams. These elements are especially effective in dewatering and product concentration. Waterfiltec nanofiltration (NF) membrane elements are used by food and dairy processors for a variety of desalting, purification and other separations. All NF elements contain an improved nanofiltration membrane sheet designed to reject organics with a molecular weight above 300 amu while passing monovalent salts.

Waterfiltec Food and Dairy RO Membrane and NF Membrane are constructed with a polypropylene outer shell, designed to withstand rigorous processing applications and conditions. These elements incorporate the latest element fabrication technologies to minimize dead flow areas and element by-pass.

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Operating Limits

Maximum Operating Pressure 800 psi (54.8 bar)
Maximum operating temperature 122°F (50°C)
Free chlorine tolerance Non-detectable
Hydrogen peroxide usage limit:

Continuous operation                                                          20 ppm

Short-term cleaning (@ 77°F/25°C maximum)           1,000 ppm


New RO spiral elements normally are cleaned prior to initial use. The cleaning procedure should be based on the application for which the elements are to be used. If cleaning with formulated agents is not available, an alkaline wash with a wetting agent is recommended prior to initial use.

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