Stainless Steel Leaf Disk Filter

Made of stainless steel sintered felt materials and refined from the most advanced welding processing,Waterfiltech’s Stainless Steel Leaf Disk Filter can be multiple reused and washable.Leaf disk design maximizes the effective filtration area in every cubic meter, enabling efficient use of space and miniaturization of the filter unit.Filtration mechanism is basically the same as microwave candle filter.Enable to withstand uniform pressure and has stable filtration performance, Waterfiltech’s Stainless Steel Leaf Disk Filter is the most suitable filter element for liquid crystal film and other high-quality polyester film industries.Vary in sizes for optimizing the performance of new or existing systems.

Custom-made available.

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  • Superior mechanical strength and manage to work well under high temperature and corrosive conditions.
  • Direct Filtration,easy-handle, good air permeability, stable and uniform filtration accuracy, no leaking.
  • Excellent regeneration, easy setup, high filtration efficiency and long serving lifespan.


  • Mainly apply to BOPET industry, the essential component to the production of manufacture equipments of biaxially oriented polyester film and chemical fiber.
  • Most suitable for the accurate filtration of  high viscosity polymer, enable to effectively eliminate hard and gelatinous contaminant.
  • Can be multiple reused and wash, economical cost.


  • Outer Diameter: 111mm,178mm,222mm,305mm
  • Center Shaft: Hard, Semi-Hard, Soft.

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