Pleated Metallic Filter Cartridge

Waterfiltech Metallic Filter Cartridge is mainly made of stainless steel fiber sintered felt, stainless steel wire mesh and folding processed. Stainless steel fiber sintered felt can be multiple-layer structured based on the aperture from coarse to fine, which features Waterfiltech Metallic Filter Cartridge with high voidage and high capacity. Stainless steel wire mesh is constructed of stainless steel wire with different diameters, gives waterfiltech’s product advantages of high strength, not easy shed off, washable, high temperature resistant and economical cost, etc.

Custom-made available.

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  • Shape stability, superior to other metal materials on impact resistance and alternating load capacity.
  • High permeability, stable separation.
  • Excellent mechanical strength, highly suitable for high temperature, high pressure and aggressive chemicals conditions.
  • Uniform porosity, precise filtration accuracy, high unit flow rate.
  • Excellent filtration performance, uniform surface filtration range from 2um to 2000um.
  • Anti corrosion, high heat and high pressure resistant, anti wearing.
  • Available with a wide range of temperature compatibility, Cartridge can be cleaned and reused without replacement.
  • Can be customized in various shapes and filtration accuracy according to any requirements, also can be welded with any optional interfaces.


  • Polymer Filtration
  • Heat Transfer Fluids
  • Hot Melt Processes
  • Viscous Fluids
  • Corrosive Fluids
  • Hot Wax
  • Aggressive Gases
  • Catalyst Recovery
  • High temperature Processes
  • Caustic Cleaning Solutions


External Diameter Length Filtration


Link Methods Optional Materials Internal Support


mm mm um Screwed, Flanged or O-ring sealed Two-layer or three-layer sintered mesh or wire mesh Punched-plate or internal spiral support
30-180 100-120 3-100
PS: for other specifications and sizes, can be customized according to any requirements.

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