Filter Fabric

Waterfiltech develops and manufactures filter fabrics for the chemical and mining sectors, for the pulp, fiber, board and paper industries, as well as for energy production, waste processing plants, and the food manufacturing industry.

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1.Red Flat polyester dryer fabric  has long life, resistance to wear and tear, low consumption .

2. Red Flat polyester dryer fabric for anti-fatigue, acid and alkali resistance.

3. Red Flat polyester dryer fabric owned light net mark, good shaping quality .

4.The advantages of  Red Flat polyester dryer fabric  is light weight, easy transportation, simple operation.



Warping–Buckling–Weaving–Once heat set–Twice heat set–Edge reinforcement–Packing–Finish


Quality Control

Air permeability test apparatus according the standard of ASTMD737 and Breaking force test apparatus according the standard of D5035

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