Anti-Static Filter Fabric

Anti-static filter fabric are used in a wide range of industrial, chemical, metallurgical, mineral and agricultural applications where the dust and process tend to build static and where a potential ignition source is present.

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Anti-static principle

When the equipment which using polyester fabric are running in high speed, it can produce friction electrostatic. There is a conductive fiber through the polyester anti-static fabrics which can release the friction electrostatic, thus play a role in anti-static.

Polyester Anti-Static Fabrics are mainly used in environmental protection, high density board making, rubber and chemical industry.


Stable anti-static mesh belt for non-woven cloth HD001  is a new product developed by our company, products using polyester monofilament and braided carbon fiber layer of semi-products, carbon fiber choices are Shakespeare’s England carbon fiber (conductive wire)  which is better in anti-static. Anti-plug interface, a single set of rings, the interface is small, breathable uniform, easy to install, mainly for spunbond production.


Warping–Buckling–Weaving–Once heat set–Twice heat set–Edge reinforcement–Packing–Finish

Quality control

Air permeability test apparatus according the standard of ASTMD737 and Breaking force test apparatus according the standard of D5035

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