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    Tertiary waste water treatment in Northern Europe

    Tertiary waste water treatment in Northern Europe

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    Project Description

    Waterfiltech has engineered, manufactured and assembled a turn-key 3x 100% water treatment system in Northern Europe. The water is treated due to too high sulphate content in the conventional waste water treatment, the installation is used as final polishing step in order to reduce Sulphate content, the product is discharged in to the site well. The water treatment system is equipped with top brand instrumentation and equipment. The system is completely from European origin and will be delivered with a certificate of origin.

    Scope of Work

    • Engineering, manufacturing and assembly
    • Chemical dosing stations
    • 3x 110 m3/h multimedia filtration
    • 3x 110 m3/h 5 micron cartridge filtration
    • 3x 75 m3/h reverse osmosis system
    • Fully automated flush
    • CIP station for RO
    • PLC controlled system
    • SCADA prepared
    • Site commissioning and installation supervision

    Project Duration

    December 2011 to July 2013

    Project Location

    Northern Europe

    Product quality

    SO4 < 200 ppm

    Project application

    Waste water recycling for the mining industry