Folding Filter Element

With excellent filtration efficiency and extensive filtering performance, we are proud to present that our products are widely used for the industries such as food, electronics and chemical industry etc.

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Main features

1.Chemical compatibility

2.Large circulation

3.Low pressure, long life, cheap

4.Wide filtering accuracy, selectivity

5.High temperature and steam sterilization

Typical application

1.Pharmaceutical industry in a variety of organic solvent filtration, compressed air gas filtration

2.Pre – filtration of reverse osmosis water system in electronics industry. Food and beverage in a variety of wine, mineral water, pure water filtration

3.Organic solvents, ink, electroplating solution, metal cutting fluid, photosensitive anti-corrosion agent and other liquid filtration

4.Clarification of sewage treatment


Effective filter area ≥0.6㎡
length 10”-40”
Normal operating temperature ≤55℃
Maximum operating temperature 80℃
Steam sterilization 121±2℃
PH 1-13

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