Filmedia In Nonwoven Technical Textiles Technology Exhibition 2016

Filmedia In Nonwoven Technical Textiles Technology Exhibition 2016


01- 05 June, 2016

Opening Hours

9:00 am – 17:30 pm

Stand Address

Booth 1141B, Istanbul, Turkey

Nonwoven Technology, which has been published for 13 years and with a informational background and experience, informs the textile industrialists about the developments and variations in the market and owns one of the most extensive archives on world textile industry.

In June, 2016, Filmedia staged on Nowoven Technical Textiles Technology Exhibition with our latest products and enormous information sharing. During the 5-day fair, Filmedia was aware of the new dated industrial sources and technological developments and also kept joyful touch with high-end clients and potential customers.

Our star and highly appreciated products includes but not limited as followings:

*Filter Fabric

Fiberglass Fabric

Polyester (PE) Fabric

Polypropylene (PP) Fabric

Polyamides (PA/Nylon) Fabric

*Filter Bag

PTFE Filter Bag

Micron Filter Bag

Polyester (PE) Filter Bag

Nomex (Aramid) Filter Bag

Polypropylene (PP) Filter Bag

*Needle Felt

PP Needle Felt

PTFE Needle Felt

Micron Needle Felt

PE Needle Punched Felt

Nomex (Aramid) Needle Felt

*Filter Mesh

Nylon Mesh

PE Mesh

PP Mesh


Established in 1994, Filmedia has been continuously persisting in its initial intention “Working for ecological harmony” and keeping realizing this concept into innovation to sustainable economical development and daily life.

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