Multi Bag Housing

These housings are widely used where low capital cost is of prime importance. Being floor mounted and therefore free standing, these housings will suit most process applications. Bolted closures are an option available for all models.

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Multi Bag Filter, stainless steel bag filter, suitable for mass flow filtration and has large impurities capacity and long life expectancy, which extend the filter replacement cycle to a great extent. Maximum independent flow up to 60-360㎥/ h. Quickly open design for convenient daily maintenance. Carbon stainless steel 304 and 316 materials optional.Widely used for various acid and alkali liquids, solvents and the neutral liquid treatment. We can provide with heating sets and below 10 kg pressure anti-corrosion coating interface to meet different needs from customers.

Features and Benefits

1.Well-knit structure, reasonable size, easy stalled, convenient,less space occupied;

2.High precision, suitable for any fine particles or suspended matter, filtration accuracy range from 1 to 800 microns;

3.Large unit filter area processing, tiny resistance, high filtration efficiency;

4.Effective filtration, 5-10 times greater than the same type of filter which can greatly reduce costs;

5.Design flow to 1 ~ 500㎥/ h, economical cost;

6.Widely used for coarse filter and fine filter;

7.With the same filtration function, Single Bag Housing has massive advantages on economical investment, long life expectancy and low cost over frame filters and other equipment.

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